Florida Legislature to attempt to save Terri's Live

Florida Speaker of the House Johnnie Byrd is going to present for vote, at a special session of the Florida Legislature, a law to pass a temporary moratorium on starvation and dehydration deaths in Florida. This law would save Terri Schiavo's life. You may know her as the woman who is in a semi-comatose state who had her feeding tube removed on Wednesday. She has not had food or water since Wednesday. Her death will be slow and excruciating. Punishing. A death that if I allowed to happen to a dog or cat, I would be sent to jail.

This law might not get passed. Senate President Jim King has vowed not to even bring the vote to the upper house. This fat piece of shit probably never went without food for more than 5 minutes, so he would have no idea of Terri's plight.

This is not about denying the right to die. You have the right to die. If you are on a respirator and are totally brain dead, you have the right to die. Terri, though, breaths on her on. She communicates, responds to stimuli. The only thing she can't really do is eat. This is about the right to live.

The government should have to right to sentence this woman to die. This sets a dangerous precedent. What if you were sick, or in a coma, what right should the government have to decide if you die? What about an HMO? If she is allowed to be murdered by thug lawyers and fat lawmakers, than the value of lives like yours and mine are diminished and just reduced to a bottom line on a spreadsheet.


I like Polkas

I have been somewhat out of the loop since I don't have my Dish set up yet. I have to rely on the internet to get my news, which is ok. Actually the last couple of days have been kinda slow news days. I reallly don't have much to opine on.

I did realize, however, while ripping all my CDs to add to my iPod that I love polkas. I have several polka CDs and love to play them occasionally.

Where I live there is this radio station which plays polkas on Sunday morning. The Polka Joe Manjack show. Thousands of watts of FM power blasting out Jimmy Stuff, Eddie Blazoncjck, and others. Nothing says Sunday like polkas and kielbasa.

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