Strongest Economy since Herbert Hoover

The Dems are in trouble. I think they know it. The strongest point of their upcoming campaigns against George Bush was going to be the relative weakness of the economy. They know they can't beat him on foreign affairs. They have no alternative to what President Bush had done. They know that if they were president they would probably have done the same thing. So they talk to partisan crowds about tax cuts for the "rich" and how George Bush is presiding over the "worst economy since Herbert Hoover".

The problem is, is that the economy is showing signs of a strong recovery. Jobless claims are down, inflation is down, and corporate profits are up up up. IBM reported yesterday that they will hire 50,000 new people in the first 2 quarters of next year. The stock market is also showing robust growth.

My all measures the economy is doing well, and we have President Bush to thank for that. His first round of tax cuts kept the recession from deepening, and his second round of tax cuts encouraged spending by individuals as well as infrastructure investments by business, all of which lead to economic growth.

The only thing lagging right now is job growth. While it is good that unemployment numbers are down, there are still many Americans out of work. But anyone who knows anything about history or economics will tell you that jobs are the last thing to come back after a recession. With encouraging numbers from Wall Street, those are soon to come.

The Democrats know they can't beat Bush on foreign affairs, and with the feeble life raft of a weak economy they were riding in slowly sinking, the 10 red diaper babies running for president are running out of things to attack this president on. As all their predictions of doom and gloom don't appear, they are looking like Chicken Little or the Boy who Cried Wolf.

Liars, and dirty liars at that. About to hand George Bush four more years.

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Time for Captian Obvious to show his head: We pay too much in taxes.

I know we can all agree on that, but what I didn't even realize until I started budgeting for my new job is actually how much we pay. With my new job, I am an independent contractor. I have no taxes withheld, and I pay my taxes quarterly. So my big paycheck doesn't look so big when, once every three months, I have to write a check for several thousand dollars.

When these big socialists like Howard Dean or John "F the Rich" Kerry say we don't pay enough in taxes, it really pisses me off. At least I actually work for a living. I do work, and based on my output, I get paid. I am not some lifetime leech of a public servant. I produce, I don't live of taxes of others.

We pay tremendous amounts in taxes, the richest 1% pay about 38% of our taxes. To say to us productive American citizens that we aren't paying enough is a spit in the face and is insulting. They are greedy punks who want to steal the paychecks of Americans to put in the hands of bums who are too busy fornicating, smoking crack, and cashing their welfare checks to hold a job.

I pay my taxes, I produce, I buy products and drive the economy. All their higher taxes do is steal from us and stall an otherwise strong economy driven by spending and growth.

I want my two days!!

Well, it's almost here. Two days to go until I leave this place and head to a better place. Tomorrow is my last day of work at my current job. I move on to bigger things. Better things. A land of milk and honey.

The funny thing about leaving a job is that you realize how much you'll miss it when you go on. I love what I do, and like where I work. I like it, but I don't relish Monday's. This job has had its bad moments, and I worked through them, and have become a stronger person for those. Unless you work for Sadaam Hussein, no job is so bad that you won't miss it a little.

Here are some things I won't miss:

The HR director's weak ass coffee--Seriously, put another few scoops in there. I've tasted tap water that had more coffee flavor.

The Banging Construction CrewThe neighboring office does construction, apparently right above our heads...everyday.

The crappy radio stations--People joke about the radio stations that play the same songs. Well, this is extreme. Plus the daily Nascar update, the obituaries read at noon, and Chris Collins in the morning.

Here are some things I will miss

Subway--Believe it or not, I'll miss having a subway 10 feet from my office. I'm actually starting to look like skinny Jarod.

Sean Hannity--I get a really clear signal for Sean Hannity.

DSL--I love speed

The People--I'll miss having people I like, but I guess there are always more people.


Terri Schiavo

From CNN Reports

A lefty lawyer in a robe by the name of George W. Greer has ordered the feeding tube of Terri Schiavo removed at the behest of her husband, Michael Schiavo.

Terri Schiavo has a profound cognitive disability and has been in a semi-vegetative state since 1990. Though otherwise healthy, Terri cannot talk, walk, or move. Shes does, however, respond to basic requests like to open her eyes, or to follow a balloon with eyes. Video I've seen shows her smile softly when her mom kisses her. She cannot eat or drink though. She relies on a tube to give her nutrients and water to survive.

This scumbag judge has ordered this woman to a slow painful death of dehydration based on evidence by a doctor who has had limited contact with Terri. The judge consistently ignores evidence by Dr. William Hammesfahr, a world-renowned expert in cases such as Terri's. Dr. Hammesfahr states that with adequate care, Terri would be able to again talk, and maybe lead a more normal life.

I don't know what Terri wants. But I have to err on the side of life. Unless she specifically says, or have said in the past that she would want to die, we should do everything to keep her alive. Other than her vegetative state, she is perfectly healthy.

If she did want to die, I don't think she should die by dehydration. Even animals are treated with more respect. But from a political party that loves aborting fetuses while protecting caribu in the Alaska, what would you expect.

The Lo Mein always has more MSG on the other side of the fence

Lovely wife and I went to get Chinese for supper last night. We do this often as Chinese food is awesome, and next to Italian, is the best starch laden meal on the planet.

Well at the counter to order takeout we were deciding which menu item to order. I usually rotate between several dishes. I prefer the more tradition dishes like moo goo gai pan, pork and garlic sauce, and hunan style dishes. Lovely wife likes General Tsao's, and Beef and Broccoli. She is somewhat frightened at trying other dishes for fear she won't like them and will go hungry that night.

Last night I ordered the Hunan Chicken and she ordered the Beef and Broccoli (again).

The thing is, whatever I order, she wishes she ordered, and seems to like it more than what she ordered and tries to eat my supper. I then usually dissuade her from grabbing my meal by stabbing her hand with my chopstick.

What is weird is that the next time we get Chinese, she won't order the item that I ordered last time which she likes so much.

I guess she likes to taste mine, and wish it were hers.


Columbus Ohio?, no Christopher

Some wacky protesters in Denver are promising to block an annual Columbus day parade because, using usual liberal catch phrases, they equate Christopher Columbus to Hitler and such. They claim the parade is divisive and evil.
A quote from a wacky protester says it well:

"Cultural celebrations need not be hateful, they need not be divisive, they need not be destructive"

Note to stupid person, "You are the one being divisive". Was Columbus a saint? No (maybe Catholics disagree). Did he do some harm to some Natives? Probably. Did he do more greater good for the world? More than likely.

Growth, expansion, and exploration has never been done painlessly. There have always been victims, it's just a fact of life. But contrary to popular belief the natives didn't live here in North America singing songs and living a care-free life. They had a harsh existence with disease, starvation, and wars. Columbus brought modern technology, dentistry, and medicine.

As far as the protesters, they are the ones being divisive and destructive, not a bunch of people who want to honor a man, long dead, who was a famous explorer and stuff of legends.

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