iMacs, Pergo, and Handguns.

Well, most of the Pergo is in the house. There is only about 15 square feet to go, and we are fini! Well, except for some trim and stuff.

My new iMac is set up, and boy does it smoke!! I can't wait till my iPod arrives. I've orderd a few songs from iTunes store, and I think this is how I wil buy songs from now on. You don't have to leave your house, and you get most albums for around 10 bucks. Oh, here is a picture of my new beauty.

This is scary: A bad man escaped from prison. This prison is about 25 minutes from my house. Now I know it is highly unlikely that he will pick my house to take a nap in, but I will prepared. Susie, my 9mm Glock 17 will be by my side tonight.

Happiness is indeed a warm gun.


Will they RUSH to judgement?

From Newswire reports

At the end of his show today, Rush Limbaugh, has come out and stated that he is in fact addicted to perscription painkillers. For the next 30 days he will be in an inpatient treatment facility to cure his addiction to these painkillers.

From his show:
You know I have always tried to be honest with you and open about my life. So I need to tell you today that part of what you have heard and read is correct. I am addicted to prescription pain medication.

"I first started taking prescription painkillers some years ago when my doctor prescribed them to treat post surgical pain following spinal surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful and I continued to have severe pain in my lower back and also in my neck due to herniated discs. I am still experiencing that pain. Rather than opt for additional surgery for these conditions, I chose to treat the pain with prescribed medication. This medication turned out to be highly addictive.

GodSpeed Rush, and good luck. I look forward to hearing you behind the Golden EIB microphone soon.

More news from Catholic Land

From From The Age

In a previous column, I noted how the Vatican has come out against condom use in African countries by saying that condoms do nothing to protect against AIDS, therefore putting millions in third world countries at risk.

Now, news comes out that the Pope is being heavily considered for a Nobel aPEEACEment prize for his opposition to the war in Iraq.

Nobel-watcher Stein Tonnesson is quoted as saying: "2003 was the year of the war in Iraq. The biggest world personality who immediately came out against the war without doubt was the pontiff. His opposition prevented the war being transformed into a new Christian Crusade against Islam"

Well, a lot can be said for the fact that the Pope came out against war in Iraq. The Vatican only supports just wars, wars in self defense of liberty and such. I find it hard to believe that the Pope would not see that freeing millions from brutal rule, liberation of torture camps, and increased liberty for women in Iraq a "just" thing. I can only suggest that he go back and continue ignoring pedophilia among priests.

The fact that the Nobel Peace Prize would be given mainly because of the Pontif's opposition to the war in Iraq is another example of the left-wing socialist America haters who run this show. Last year's prize went to famous peanut farmer and all around good-ol-boy socialist Jimmy "give the commies the canal" Carter because of his opposition to the war in Iraq. The red diaper babies who run the Nobel sham said they gave him the prize as a slap in the face to the Bush Administration.

We as freedom loving Americans have to realize that the red menace is still alive and well. It takes many forms. The U.N., the Nobel Peace Prize Sham, the European Union, etc. We cannot let our guard down. These countries hate us because we are powerful and support core beliefs of Capitalism, individual rights, Democracy, and self-reliance.

We have to fight and not allow these lefty commies gain control of the world. America is the greatest country in the Universe (of this I'm sure) and the core beliefs it stands for must not be allowed be circumvented by these groups.


Got a parking ticket

I went to the local radio station to oversee some recording of public service announcements regarding Red Ribbon Week coming up, and while I was driving toward the station on the main drag in town, I saw the only spot for blocks was on the wrong side of the road, so I took it. I parked on the left side of the road, facing as if I were parked on the right side. I shut off my vehicle and went in.

After the two local people recorded their messages, the station manager asked if I would like to lend my booming voice to the cause. I agreed. I never heard my voice on 50,000 watts, and I thought it would be interesting.

When I went out to my car I noticed an orange note on my car saying I owed someone named Boro $15 because I parked "against traffic movement". Sheesh.

In all seriousness, I did break the law, but don't think the punishment fits the crime. I know of people who park downtown to go shopping, only to find that they broke some nuisance law like the vague "illegal parking, or the equally vague "parking too near an intersection".

My $15 is equal to the punishment for parking in front of a fire hydrant or blocking a private drive. There is even "overtime parking" which is pretty strange considering there are no parking meters.

What I don't get is so many small half-horse towns cry and moan about people not shopping downtown, opting to shop at the local Wal~Mart or mall, while at the same time punishing even the smallest parking violations.

I say screw em. If I can save aggravation and money shopping at a larger store with ample Parking Nazi free parking, I will do it, and to hell with the small town business assocations who try to guild me to do otherwise.

The Pope must DIEt

From UK Guardian report.
The Roman Catholic church has had many problems over the past few years. Allegations of abuse of young boys by pedophile priests was rocked the world. While these allegations of abuse are horrible, the way the Vatican has acted has been even more deplorable.

When these allegations surfaced, Pope John Paul did virtually nothing. If anything he enabled the pedophile priests to continue abusing young boys by looking the other way while American Bishops reassigned priests and did virtually nothing else. The Vatican didn't even come out strongly against the abuse.

Now to further show the continued nuttiness of the Catholic upper echelon, the Pope has started telling people in African countries stricken by Aids not to use condoms because they have tiny holes in them through which the HIV virus can pass - potentially exposing thousands of people to risk.

While countries like Kenya fight a 20% Aids rate, the Vatican is holding its party line that sex should be about procreation, even at the expense of people lives. Their antiquated doctrine is endangering people, potentially exposing them to Aids. The Vatican says even if only one partner (spouse) is AIDS infected, it is wrong to use a condom. They are, by default, allowing the AIDS virus to spread and spread.

The World Health Organization spends billions of dollars around the world educating about AIDS prevention while the Catholic Church does everything in its power to circumvent that. The Vatican knows full well that the poor and uneducated people in African villages are very religious and look favorable to Vatican guidance. This action by the Pope just undermines to work of thousands of health care workers.

With the United States set to send billions to fund AIDS prevention and health assistance to these countries it is morally reprehensible for a church body to willingly put more people at risk because they are promoting this antiquated "good old boy" catechism.

I find it hard to believe that people in the modern 21st century can look at these policies in an objective way and not see them destructive and wrong.

A big mess

Right now my apartment is a total mess. We are in the process of moving, and stuff-to-be moved is strewn all about the place. Boxes are piled high in the corner of the Living Room so much so that the cat doesn't know which one to play in first.

Moving is always a pain in the ass. I never like the actual act of moving. I do, however, enjoy actually settling into a new place. It's always fun to find new and different places to put your same old stuff you always had. The furniture you always sat on, ate dinner on, and napped on are in a different place. And for about a month or so after you move, you never know where all the little things are; the box of matches, letter opener, or Scotch Tape.

We are somewhat lucky. The house we are moving into is a house I'm familiar with, so the transition will not be too difficult. The Lovely Wife is very happy to be getting a large kitchen. We might have too much space now. Our assorted pots, pans, doo-dads, and whatsits will all have a home. That will be a novel idea after the efficiency size kitchen our otherwise large pad has now.

The thing I am most looking forward to is setting up my home office. My job allows me to work out of my house on most days. The days I am not working at home, I am traveling around and about Philadelphia. I have a desk, a computer table, and other assorted office furniture. I will have fun this weekend setting it all up, and playing; sending faxes and calling important dignitaries.


I'm having a Mac Attack!!

I'm so excited. My new iMac is being delivered today. I already received my copy of Office for the Mac and my FM tuner for my iPod. Also more good news. My iPod which wasn't supposed to ship till the 21st shipped today. I will be up and playing happily in Mac land by this weekend.

If anyone has macs, and can help me with the following question, I would appreciate.
I have an older iMac running os Xv1.1.5 and I have a lot of files(pictures, music, etc) on it I want to transfer to my new iMac. Can I just hook the two up via ethernet and transfer the files? I would call Mac tech support, but they aren't the most helpful people. At least they aren't from Shrilanka like the tech support people at Dell are.

If you can help me with that, email me or post a comment.

Well, I am in my last 7 days at my current employer. On the 20th I start my new and exciting job as Regional Strategic Consultant. Basically, I am like a regional state manager for delinquency prevention programs around Philly. It's pretty cool, if you are into that sort of stuff.

The revolt against politics as usual

The Democrats are in trouble. Californians overwhelmingly voted to out Gray Davis, and insert Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California. With 50% of the vote he was the overwhelming winner, and if you combine the votes for Arnold and McClintock, about 60% of Californians voted for a Republican. In a state like California that is astonishing.

Though this can be attributed mostly to Davis's total ineptitude at governance, and his pandering to unions and special interests, it also shows that the politics of destruction-pioneered by Bill and sHrillary Clinton-is starting to backlash against those who unleash hateful and personal attacks against their rivals.

If you look at last fall's mid-term elections and this, you see that the big fear of Bill and sHrillary coming to the rescue of the beleaguered Democratic Party are overstated. Last fall, most of the candidates that the Clintons stumped for lost. Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe tried to come to the rescue of Davis, only to see people actually vote against Bill's wishes. This is big trouble for the Democratic establishment.

I believe that in the short term people are quick to jump when they see negative politics, but after a while, they wise up. People soon realize that rudely attacking adversaries is not what politics should be about. But this is what has been happening up to how.

I think that when people like Howard Dean call Bush a "gang leader", only die-hard socialists who are starving for red meat cheer. The rest of America who look at it more objectively see political hacks that have no real new ides, just a pot full of mud to throw.


There outta be a law!

I hate when people say this; There outta be a law! Smoking is disgusting, there outta be a law!!

If there should be a law, it should be against socialists who want to control every aspect of our lives. Instead of letting us live our lives, make our own decisions, we have to legislate everything. Instead of letting the market dictate things, we legislate it. Take smoking for example.

Some people want to smoke, some do not want to smoke. I like a fine cigar occasionally. In New York, Socialist Michael Bloomberg signed a law prohibiting any smoking in any indoor restaurant or bar because of the health impact on non-smokers. Instead of letting the market decide and allowing some bars to be smoke-free while letting others be smokefilled, he legislated it. He pushed his worldview on others, destroying freedom of choice. You have no choice if to smoke or not.

When the women's temperance league pushed for alcohol prohibition, they did so citing health and public safety issues. They outlawed alcohol instead of allowing us to decide for ourselves.

Sobriety check-points and lower blood alcohol percentages are pushed by bleeding-hearts for our safety. At those checkpoints when they stop the 99.5 percent of drivers who are sober, is legislating safety more or less important than your personal liberty. Maybe you can tolerate your liberties being smashed, but when one person loses liberty, we all do. It is not just me or you, it's all of us.

We are moving further and further to the left. Every law takes a little more freedom from you. So the next time you say "there outta be a law", think about the impacts on our liberty.

Who did you vote for?

Why when you ask the majority of people who they voted for in a certain election, they get all defensive.

I remember asking a guy I worked with once on election day who he voted for. He got somewhat angry that I would ask, and said it's none of my business.

These same people regularly give out their Social Security numbers when getting phone service and don't bat an eye.

What's with people?

I voted for Bush, and probably will again. In the spring I will vote for Pat Toomey over Arlen Specter. I have nothing to hide.

I hate Popups

Spam I could deal with. It sits innocently in my inbox until I open it. Though it takes time to delete it, and effort not to send money to Nigeria, I can deal with it.

I do, however, hate popups. These friggin things pop up when you do nothing. You just sit there and they popup.

I just got one telling me I had a small penis, and needed that Enzyte stuff. You know the comercial. The one with the manically smiling man and the ugly ass wife? If us men had a commercial saying that we would only find women attractive and want to have intimte relations if they had bigger boobs and needed to use bloussant, then we would be found to be sexist sex lunatic pig-men. Talk about a double standard.

Anyways, I digress.

I actually don't realize how many of these damned popups there are. On my personal computers I use Mozilla which has a built in popup blocker. I never see them unless I use someone elses sucky computer. All these yahoos use Internet Explorer.

I equate people who use MS IE to people who go to Philadelphia and have a cheesesteak at McDonald's. They just don't realize that there are better options out there.

Ah, I get it now

I am sometimes mystified by how I ever became a libertarian. I attended public school, went to Penn State, and majored in Liberal Arts. I majored in American Studies, and studied a lot about culture from many great professors.

While pondering the immortal words of Socrates when he said "I drank what?" I had a realization stemming from my naivete, and my belief that not everyone can be as liberal as Sean Hannity makes them out to be. It was that I was cheated on education. I never learned about conservative social philosophies like Objectivism.

Don, over at Anger Management mentions Ayn Rand and Objectivism quite a lot, and I did some research and found how much my thought is part of Objectivism. From what I can see objectivism is based on individualism, free-market, and a libertarian belief. It seems to make sense. I have to read more into it.

Know I don't know for sure, but It seems promising enough that I should look into. Don highly recommends that I read her book. I will do that.

Why are printers so cheap?

Why are printers so darned cheap now? I went yesterday to buy inkjet cartridges for my piece of shit Epson printer; For the black, and color it would have been about 50 bucks. I saw a brand new HP, higher resolution and pages per minute than what I have now for 40. So why buy cartridges when you can buy a brand new printer? I figure a new printer to go with my new iMac.

The Lovely Wife has a job interview tomorrow. She is very nervous, but I know she will do well. If you have time, send some positive energy her way. If she gets this job, we will be rich rich rich! Well, not really rich, but according to the IRS, we will be right where they want us.

My mom got another new quad (ATV). We had two stolen a couple of years ago, and she finally missed those so much she went and replaced them.

Oh, the Yankees are playing the Bo Sox in the ALCS. A little bar I go to occasionally is owned by a die-hard Yankees fan. I think I will buy a Bo Sox hat just to piss her off. I like to mess with her about her affiliation with the Yanks and the Trojans of USC. Whenever I see those games and see the Trojan mascot, I always think of those "Trojan Man" condom commercials.


Things I bought

In preparing for my new job, I need several things.

A computer
A fax machine
A phone
A desk
A filing cabinet
Internet Service
Phone Service

Most of that all I had. I had to get a new computer, and phone and internet service for my new home. I ordered an iMac with Jaguar, Office v.X for Mac, and other assorted goodies. Mainly an iPod. It came with a free fm transciever so I can listen to it over my car radio. Since my new job will require a lot of traveling, it will save havin to use CDs as much.

Anyways...When I was setting up a second line at my new house to act as a business line I found out that on my father's line he is still renting his phone from the phone company. To top that off, it's a rotary phone. Yeah, the one with the big wheel.

Before the telecom divestiture of 1983 (that's when they broke up AT&T into baby bells) you had to rent your phone from the phone company. They could charge whatever they wanted for each phone you had installed. After 1983 you could buy your own, with no additional charge.

So here is my dad, afraid of technology, still renting his phone for $2 a month. Every month for the last 25 years.

That means that this old, out-of-date rotary phone has cost him about $600 over the years. He doesn't seem to want to get rid of it. He loves his rotary phone.

This phone is so old, its back in style. Retro things like this are showing up in fashion boutiques, and appearing in popular shows like Sex And The City.

So I guess when I thought my dad was an old dork, he actually is one cool mofo.

The Disgusting State of College Football

I love my Father, but he is wrong. He loves college sports (as do I) while chastising pro sports, including the NFL. He bitches and moans about the players being overpaid, and that it costs too much to go to games.

While he is right about pro players being payed a lot, and the games being expensive, he neglects to see the same thing happening to big time college football. I actually would rather root for people who admit its a business and are out to make money instead of people to talk out of both sides of their mouth when they charge $50 to go to a game, while claiming college sports is just "a bunch of college students playing a game"

Case in point: Penn State Football. As a lifetime supporter of Penn State, alumnus, and former Marching Blue Band Sousaphone player, I know a lot about big time college football.

It is where the money is. Walking around the stadium parking lot, I see high end luxury cars, huge campers, people in mock turtlenecks going to the game. And they will pay dearly.

A game ticket is at least $40 for the cheap seats, $60 for nicer seats. A single game parking pass is $10. What do you get for that exhorbanant price? Extremely rude parking attendands. Crappy stadium food. At with Penn State a team that is 2-4. And just to have the right to be able to pay that much for tickets, you have to donate about $1,000 annually to the sports program.

Once while tailgating I was cooking chicken on my charcoal grill, a parking Nazi came over, informed me I was not allowed to have open fires, and then dumped a bottle of water on my fire. Granted I know I was not allowed to have fires, but the water was uncalled for. She did not even give me a chance to put the fire out, which I would of. She just doused it.

This weekend was homecoming weekend. We were at an alumni fundraiser for a new marching band facility, and the dean of the College of Arts and Architecture was not allowed into our area unless he paid $10 to park. Some students were trying to get to band practice and they were told to "Get the Fuck out of here" by some parking Nazis.

And as a former band member, I was always furious when we were not allowed to march on game day because of some rain. Even just a light mist and the pregame/halftime was off. Other teams with grass fields like THE Ohio State University, Notre Dame, and USC are always allowed to march, despite the weather, mcuh to the delight of their fans.

I have about had it with college sports. The big time, big money is ruining a otherwise great fan sport. When the team sucks ass, like they are this year, we are chastised for booing. I figure if I am paying $10 to park, $50 to sit on a cold bench seat in the rain, I can spit if I decide to.

I will put my rah rah toward pro sports now. While a lot of them are overpaid, and play only for money, who cares. I have a job and I don't play just for love of drug and alcohol prevention programs. I work for money. Why should I begrudge pro athletes a living? They earned it through broken bones, pulled muscles and aching bodies.

At least I know I am being sold a product, and not schemed to believe its just kids playing for love of game.


Beer makes you fat, but gives your wallet a diet

From a Patriot News Story

Last week the state legtislature passed a law lowering the blood alcohol limit from .10 to .08. Regardless of what you may think about saving lives, it won't put a dent in lowering fatalities. Actually the average blood alcohol content for people arrested for DUI in PA is actually .16%. All this law does is hurt the guy who has a drink or two with supper. It also hurts bar owners.

Pennsylvania leads the nation in barroom sales of alcoholic beverages, and it also is right up there in beer sales. Us Pennsylvanians drink a lot of beer.

Now, to further hurt tax payers and bar owners, the legislature is proposing a 6% tax on drinks sold over the counter. This will further increase what we pay for a draft beer or mixed drink while our paycheck continue to shrink due to higher costs of living and taxes, the legislature further wants to punish behavior it deems unacceptable. This will also hurt Pennsylvania bar owners, many of which are family owned.

A constant thesis here in the Nap Room is that higher taxes and punitive regulations hurt businesses and average citizens.

These laws and taxes are done in an effort to "help the children" by targeting easy targets. Tobacco, alcohol, guns , etc.

You may not care now, but when they start targeting Big Macs, or big cars, you will realize that these special interest groups like MADD or Greenpeace are not so much looking out for the little guy, but are promoting their morals and beliefs, and ramming them down your throat.


This weekend was happy homecoming my alma mater of Penn State University. As usual Joepa found a way to ruin it for us Alums.

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