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Happiness is being snuggled betwixed a hot woman and a warm cat

I guess you can tell that I am a cat person. I have not always been so weird. I used to prefer dogs. But things change.

One day I stopped in my friendly neighborhood pet store. (the same one that keeps getting kittens dropped at their doorstep) I was getting some rabbit food, and I saw this cute little kitten. She was so friendly. I picked her up and held her in my arms like a baby and rubbed her belly, and she fell asleep. She awoke at my apartment, and has lived there since.

Last night was very cold, and as I lay in bed, I realized how wonderful it is to have a warm body (or two) to lay next to.

As the temperatures last night dropped to about 20 degrees I was snuggled next to my lovely wife and my cat. Both were warm and snuggly. It made me happy.

Bowels in an uproar

After the good news of my new job offer set in, I was invited to a small celebration at a local watering hole. Since I was nervous for days about the outcome of the job search, I hadn't eaten in a while and was glad to have someone pay for my supper. (if you know me, I love free food)

I had a cheeseburger, fries with cheese, chili, onion, bacon and peppers, and some onion rings. We actually all shard the fries and onion rings, so don't think I'm a total pig. Add to that a few drinks of Keystone Light (perhaps the most disgusting beer outside the realm of Anheuser Busch) and it made for a Prilosec night.

I feel very funky right now. I think that the "specially lined can" they use to make this watery concoction palatable for the folks who hate beer but like to pee a lot is actually a lining of formaldehyde.

Half the way through the night I had a very bad headache. The only thing I could find is Excederin, so I was not about to take "wake me up aspirin" a 2:30 in the morning, so I dealt with it.

I can't wait to finish the move so I can begin to start homebrewing again, and drink some truly tasty brew. I'll share my beer making exploits as I make more batches of suds.

Demokrats sagen nicht die Wahrheit

From Drudge Headlines

In a lowblow for even for California politics, Demogogues..errr...Democrats are now accusing Arnold Schwarzenegger of praising Hitler, in addition to groping women. These may or may not be true but it shows a distrubing trend in politics, especially when it comes to parties getting their asses kicked in elections.

They lie, cheat, and do anything to discredit otherwise noble opponents. When they cannot win in the venue of ideas, they run smear campaigns. Actually it's not just Democrats, its Republicans too.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Americans are lazy intellectually. We don't like spirited debate. We want soundbites, a quick flash of intrugue.

Thank God for the Electoral College. I can' t imagine a mostly illiterate electorate having pure democratic control over anything.


Sheer and Utter Joy!!

I have been totally bent up in a knot the last couple of days. On Monday I interviewed for a position that would enable me to move back to my hometown, and move up the career ladder. I've been totally tied up in a knot waiting for word.

About 10 minutes ago, I was offered the position. I am so happy. All the Pergo laying I've been doing is about to pay off as I will move into my new house on the 18th of this month.

I am so relieved that this is over and I can move on. Tomorrow I will give my notice at my present employer and prepare for my new life in the upper tax brackets of society.

The Free speech double standard?

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh has recently resigned his post on Sunday NFL countdown after his comments about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. He said:

I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well.

Though probably a little insensitive, I hardly think that reason to call for his abrupt firing as Presidential candidated Howard "The Duck" Dean and Wes Clark have demanded.

While Rush's comments are somewhat hurtful, he could point to groups like NAACP and the Black Coaches Association which are prodding the NFL for a policy requiring more black head football coaches in the league. While affirmative action is good in their eyes as promoting diversity, calling them on the fact that a player or coach may very well be an affirmative action candidate is racist?

In calling for Rush's firing the lefties have shown a blatent disregard for freedom of speech. These same candidates who are calling for Rush's firing also called Bush a "gang leader" and "miserable failure". I guess free speech only applies to hate speech directed at conservatives.

Ask the Dixie Chicks. They ran for cover under the 1st Amendment after spouting their remarks about Bush; they would probably side with the NAACP in calling for Rush to be fired.

Some pundits also have gone to say that Rush had no basis to speak, saying he knows nothing about football and should keep his mouth shut. These same lefties are the ones who defend Barbara Streisand or Martin Sheen when they spout off about things they know nothing about simply because the Constitution protects their ignorance.

The First Amendment protects free speech, ignorant or informed. We don't have to listen, but you have the right to say what you want. Just because you may not know about a certain topic doesn't mean you should be disallowed from talking about it.

Just like conservatives ignore lefties when they spout off about foreign affairs, why can't they just ignore Rush when they disagree with him?


What Makes for true freedom?

Foxnews.com story
Free State Project
Say Anything Blog

Large groups of Libertarians are currently planning to move to New Hampshire to develop what they label a "free state". A free state is one that has low tax burdens, smaller government, and support for individual freedoms such as gun rights. According to statistics compiled by the Free State Project, New Hampshire ranks the number one state in terms of personal freedom. It's interesting. I wonder how California would rank?

It also makes you wonder what makes for a free society. When you think about the number of things regulated in our society today, it really shows that we do not live in a society free from burdensome government regulations the way that our founding fathers saw it. While it is true that we need laws and regulations that are updated as technology and times change, we live in a mommy state which is always looking out for you, sometimes to extremes.

If you flush the toilet, that is regulated. The number of holes in your swiss cheese is regulated. You can't smoke anywhere anymore, You have to wear a seatbelt, in some states you have to wear a motorcycle helmet. Kids now ride around on their tricycles with helmets on. Whats with that anyways?

It's not just the local state governments. We also have a big federal government who wants to change your diapers. Pennsylvania just lowered the legal blood alcohol limit from .10% to .08% not so much because they wanted to, but because the federal government was extorting money out of them if we didn't lower it. This little bit of morality police was signed into law by none other than St. Bill Clinton. We know he is truely pious. So now we have two big governments looking out for us. It makes me feel all warm and snuggly.

What is next? Making you exercise, read more books, take the fat off your fried chicken before eating it? Making us eat well-done hamburgers?

As every little law is passed that is meant to protect us a little more of our freedom is taken away. When we allow one law pass that may seem like common sense, it allows more restrictive laws to pass that might seem silly now, but are just a vote and a presidential signature away from law.

Just that much closer to a nanny state, and closer to further destroying the constitution.

From the National Weather Service...

In case you didn't know, I am a weather junkie. I spend most of my time looking at weather web-sites, and listening to the weather radio. This is from the NWS..

Patchy frost will occur in the valleys between 2 am and 8 am.

The coldest air of the season so far will move into Pennsylvania tonight. Clearing skies and just a light breeze early tonight will allow temperatures to drop quickly through the 40s and into the upper 30s after midnight.

The Mercury will bottom out between 34 and 36 degrees in the valleys with patchy frost forming late tonight.

On the ridges... a westerly breeze of 5 to 10 mph will likely keep temperatures in the upper 30s.

More widespread frost... and even freezing temperatures are possible late Thursday night into Friday morning

For additional weather information... check our web site at... www.NWS.NOAA.Gov/er/ctp

FROST!!...That is pretty damned depressing. Summer is really over? I guess it will bring out the fall foliage for fall folliage festival here.

I really like summer. I enjoy sitting outside on warm nights puffing on a fine cigar, and drinking a homebrew. Fall always puts an end to that, and it is sad.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the seasons other than summer. It's just that summer is my favorite. Fall does suck, and winter is actually quite nice. I can equate it this way:

Do you know when you are in a relationship, and it is new, everything is exciting and fun. That is summer.

Do you know in a long term relationship everything is comfortable, safe, and secure. You know the person well, and love them, but its not new and exciting as much. It's a great thing, this time in a relationship, you are with them for the long haul. This is winter. (no metaphorical linkages here please)

Fall is the transition. You try to hang on desperately to the old ways, hang on to the last few long, warm days, knowing winter is coming. Once winter is here you realize it's actually great, and you enjoy it, but the transition is what kills you.

My Vote and other stuff

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My new Blog showcase vote is for myself, and my post, The Pennsylvania Turnpike


It looks good for Toomey

Here in Pennsylvania we have who National Review has titled "The Worst Republican Senator". He constantly votes against Republicans and with Democrats. He only turns conservative in election years. He is running for his last term as senator, and with no need to face the electorate again, he will undoubtedly turn even more liberal.

He is, of course, Senator Arlen "Droopy Dog" Spector. This socialist in an elephant outfit is (in)famous for his vote, citing Scottish law, of NOT PROVEN in the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton. He is pro-choice, soft on crime, and mediocre on gun-rights. He is also one of the folks responsible for trimming President Bush's tax cut packages. He is also beholdant to unions who are keeping real change in our public schools.

Right now he is facing a tough primary run against staunch conservative Republican Pat Toomey. Toomey supports school choice, is pro-gun, and pro-life.

According to he Pennsylvania-based CommonConservative.com, "Arlen Specter's support is statewide, but it's only an inch deep. It can be penetrated."

Hopefully with any luck, we will have a new face in Washington.


I am sure you heard this already, but it is very amusing. Bow-tied conservative pundit on CNN apparently gave out his home number to his audience. The trouble was, he gave out the phone number for FoxNews's Washington office. They quickly corrected this error

Story exerpt below:

Carlson, apparently confused, mistakenly gave out the number of the Washington bureau of Fox News Channel, which received numerous phone calls.

Viewers who want to reach Carlson can, in fact, dial the television "personality" at his Virginia home at 703-519-6456.

What is with the journalistic wars? Does Mr. Tucker have so much sadness in his heart for working on a second tier network that he has to play on-air pranks on FoxNews?

It is hard to believe that Fox would retaliate and give his HOME phone number. Sheesh.

It is the economy stupid duck

Big lefties like Howard “The Duck” Dean argue that reduced taxes do not effect personal spending, nor does it improve the economy. They must subscribe to the Paul Krugman philosophy of big government drives the economy economics because the data don’t back that up.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, families in 2000 spent 44 percent less on household appliances than families in 1973; 22 percent less on food; 21 percent less on clothing. Why?

The short answer is they have less disposable income. The long answer is that they have less money because of higher taxes causing less disposable income.

It isn’t just higher taxes that decrease disposable income. Businesses burdened by punitive regulations have a lower bottom line and are less likely to increase hiring or invest in capital to grow business. Case in point: California.

Current data also show that the economy is beginning to rebound. Spending is increasing, new home starts are up, and businesses on the whole are beginning to invest in capital. Jobs are soon to come. This is all a resort of the Bush tax cuts, which are giving us more money to spend, save, and roll around naked in.

The next time that a lefty says that tax cuts do not spur economic growth, just look at how the economy sputters under times of high taxes, and grows phenomenally under reduced taxes and government spending.


The Cabelas Superstore

This weekend, I traveled to Hamburg Pennsylvania in Berks County. The purpose: Visit the largest store of its kind in the world. CABELAS.

The name brings tears to the eyes of many outdoor enthusiasts. With their massive stock of everything outdoors from guns, ammo, clothing, shoes, and hunting, fishing, and camping equipment. Cabelas has it all. Most mere mortals can only hope to get their hands on Cabelas stuff through their huge catalog mailed seasonally. But now, there is one of only a handful of Cabelas stores, right in my home state of Pennsylvania.

This massive 250,000 square foot store covers 6 acres, and has a parking lot with a 3,000 car capacity, plus room for mobile homes. It has a horse stable, kennels for dogs, and places to dump your sanitary stuff from your camper.

Me and my wife spent 3 hours in the store on Saturday. We only saw about half of all the stuff. We didn't see the fishing section or the 55,000 gallon aquarium. We plan to go back soon, and do all our Christmas shopping there.

This place makes the a Dick's sporting goods like like a 7-11. It is definitely the place for outdoors enthusiasts to go who want to shop for their wares.


Large Cache of weapons in Iraq

From a CNN story.

Large caches of weapons have been found in Baghdad and Tikrit. These included Russian made surface-to-air missiles and launchers, grenades, rocket launchers, as well as other small arms. These were above and beyond what even the most fanatical of Michigan Militia would even have and would only point to a willingness on behalf of the former dictator of Iraq to supply his army, or perhaps a terrorist group. What would happen if a Third World assassin got their hands on one of those Russian missile launchers and stood a half mile away from JFK?

Do you now see the need for preemption? These lefties who right after 9-11 said the President should have had swami like powers in foreseeing the 9-11 attacks to stop them are the first to cry about how bad preemption is. Maybe if Clinton would have had fewer interns sitting under his desk, maybe he could have had time to do some preemptive strikes.

Laying Pergo Redux

I have been very political lately, so I will give a brief post about my weekend. This weekend, I almost finished laying pergo at our house in Northeast Pennsylvania. We had about 900 square feet to do total, and we have all but about 30 to do. I must say, laying the Pergo Signature, available at Lowe's Matrix (as Rachel Lucas would say). It is a nice, though expensive alternative to real hardwood. The stuff we got, the red oak, is very realistic.

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