The "myth" of big government

I was skimming the web, wasting time at work during my lunch break (yeah thats it, my lunch break), when I came across the web site of Babs. That's Barbara Streisand for those uninitiated.

Here is an excerpt from her take on the "myth" of big government

We also have to understand the connection between taxes and spending. It is our taxes that pay for these services, so Bush's two big tax cuts for the wealthy will, eventually, result in a cut in the services that all Americans depend on everyday, unless the tax cuts are repealed.

Do you want to know what "big government" gets you? Just take a look at how France's Socialist utopia of a cradle-to-grave caregiving government led to more than 10,000 dead people from a huge heat wave. Because the healthcare system is not based on profits, and is run by the government it can't afford anything longer than 35 hour work weeks, with a full month of August off for vacations. Just read this article by Paul Johnson for detailed description.

Second, it wasn't tax cuts for the wealthy. I am not wealthy at all, and I got a tax cut. Does she even know what "wealthy" means? Well according to the IRS, anyone making over $90,000 a year. That means an elementary school principal and her state police officer husband are, by definition, wealthy.

The top 50% of wage earners pay about 96% of the taxes. Sure they got a generous tax break, but someone like Bill Gates pays more in taxes in a year, than I will probably make in my entire lifetime.

Some lefties say that the rich will just go out and buy a BMW with the money, while welfare mommies won't have enough foodstamps to have another illegitimate child.

I say let them buy the car. It's spending which drives the economy. The salesman will get a commission, the guy who built the car will get a paycheck, and the economy will chug along and grow. Praise capitalism. AMEN.

Lefties get all pissed when you call government "Big Government", but regularly chide Big Tobacco, Big Gun, Big Fast Food, Big Oil, and so on.

Which should be more despised. An entity like the bloated federal government which lives by snatching 50% of people's paychecks before they ever see it, or an entity like businesses which create jobs, build prosperity, and offer goods and services which are desired by the public?

Good News

I went to the New York Times' website. I saw some very encouraging news

"Paul Krugman is on vacation."

I wonder which socialist utopia he obviously loves more than America he is visiting.

Sure, pull the free speech card

Judges just can't seem to keep their own objectives to themselves. A second federal judge has moved to block the federal do-not-call list. Read the CNN Story

His reason are because the list blocks the free speech rights of businesses. I am all for free speech rights, and am sure I could argue this position both ways because of my strong mind and good debating skills, but this is silly.

Free speech only goes as far as my ear drums, and stops at my front door. Free speech doesn't mean I am required to listen to you. His arguement could logically be followed so that if I call this judge at home, and complian about the ruling, he should have no objection because I am following my free speech rights.

If you are angry, call the Judge at his chambers and let him know

Judge Edward W. Nottingham
Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse A1041 / Courtroom 14
(303) 844-5018


Sure, affirmative action is good for college admissions, but not for cookies

From a Foxnews story
Southern Methodist University shut down a bake sale held by The Young Conservatives of Texas which sold cookies at different prices based on race. White folks paid $1 a cookie .75 cents for white women, .50 cents for Hispanics, and .25 cents for black people.

Their point was obviously to protest admissions based on race. After the school shut down the event, one black student responded:
"My reaction was disgust because of the ignorance of some SMU students. They were arguing that affirmative action was solely based on race. It's not based on race. It's based on bringing a diverse community to a certain organization."

Affirmative action not about race? What planet does he live on? Affirmative action solely gives preferential treatment to people based on race. How can we combat racism (based on race) when we push affirmative action (based on race)?

I believe all people should be treated equal. You should not be given special admissions to college because mommy or daddy attended there, nor should you be admitted ahead of someone because of the color of your skin or by your last name.

If we are really striving for a color-blind society, we have to get beyond seeing color as a reason to treat people differently. How can we stop people from committing acts of racism, if we treat people different in terms of college admissions and jobs.

Do as I say and not as I do? Apparently so.

I wish I could help

I received a very sad email today from Mrs Stella Zuccala Cisse. Apparently her husband died and now the government of Zimbabwe is holding his ten million dollars hostage. Since she isn't an American Citizen, she needs a Citizen of the USA with a bank account to receive this money.

It's a shame. I am in the process of helping a poor widow whose husband died in Nigeria. He was some sort of Freedom fighter. Here is an excerpt from the e-mail I sent to poor Mrs. Cisse:
I am replying in regard to the BUSINESS PROPOSAL that you have sent me a couple of days ago.

First of all, I want to relay to you how saddened I am to hear of what has befallen your Husband, Mr. Joseph Zucalla. While I never heard of him before, as I do not generally keep up to date on the affairs of New York, your letter left me with little doubt that his was a career filled with success and achievements.

Unfortunately, this could not have come at a worse time, as I just responded to a Mr. Mutambo Juhualata Metalla, son of the late Chancellor of Congo. Though his offer was considerably less than yours, I was able to help him much easier.

Can you believe people actually fall for this shit? It must work because they keep coming into my inbox. If you really want to have fun with these people, visit flooble for fun auto-responders and things like that.
Click HERE


And you smell like one too...update

We ate at Finelli's Italian Villa. It was awesome. I don't know why anyone eats at the Olive Garden when true family owned gems like this exist. It was truly great.

Today is Karen's (my wife) birthday. I got her a Sapphire ring, and a homemade photo album.

Tonight we are going to dinner at a nice, family owned, Italian Restaurant. I love Italian food, but hate places like The Olive Garden because they are about authentically Italian as a Hot Dog is a health food.

Anyways, I will update you tomorrow on our night out.

Tyranny of the Judiciary redux

A federal judge has blocked the federal DO NOT CALL LIST, citing it as being unconstitutional.
Read the full story

It didn't surprise me to see that the judge was appointed by Nobel Appeasement prize winner and peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter.

The FTC sponsored list had signed up some 50 million phone numbers for the list, which was due to take effect on Oct. 1.

The Direct Marketing Association and its fellow plaintiffs are grateful that the federal District Court in Oklahoma City understood and upheld the industry's belief that the Federal Trade Commission does not have authority to implement and enforce a national do-not-call list," the trade group said in a press release.

What about my right not to have someone try to sell me long distance when I am trying to have dinner with wife. I work hard all day, and want to relax at night. I pay for my phone, and if I don't want someone to call me I should not have to have them ring my phone. What's next, the unconstitutionality of "No solicitation" signs in businesses? Do I HAVE TO listen to the watchtower people when they come knockin'? Sheesh.

The dinner interrupters say they will lose 50 billion dollars because of this law. I say it's a total lie. If the people who signed up for the list (like me) hate those calls, they probably never buy stuff over the phone (I never do), how could eliminating those people from the list cut business? I say it will improve business. People who refuse to buy stuff on the phone are eliminated from the telemarketer lists so they can spend their time calling people more likely to buy. Think about that one.

You hate lawyers right? Well consider this, judges are just lawyers with robes. Its a political appointment. And nothing is worse than a political lawyer.

Who's Looking Out For You

I just purchased the new Bill O'Reilly book, Who's Looking Out For You. I only read the forward and first chapter and a half. It is very personal and true to life. He makes many excellent points about friendships and having people to care for. I will keep you updated on my progress.

La France est un cesspool

Jacques Chirac again shows how much a little puny nothing country France is by genuflecting to the U.N., France is acting like a little child that doesn't want to go to church with mommy and daddy; stomping its collective feet and crying fowl. France doesn't seem to understand that they have not been a true world player since Waterloo, and the only reason they have a seat on the security counsel was to stroke their massive frog eating egos after they got trounced by the Germans in WW 2.

They seem to take a wait and see attitude toward things like Iraq. A good example for where that line of thinking got them was waiting around to see German Panzers drive through Paris.

Instead of admitting that liberating the Iraqis, liberating the torture and rape rooms, and bringing Iraqi citizens into the 21st century was a good thing, Chirac cries fowl about the rule of law and how the rule of the U.N. should be upheld.

President Bush did what he had to do. His first job is to defend OUR constitution, not the charter of a group made up of 3rd world despots, communists, and former world powers (France). Besides, most of those countries hate us, and want to see us fail. Part of this is jealousy, a lot of it is because we have the chutzpa to actually defend what we stand up for.

History will show this moment with France and the U.N. as a turning point in history, one which reaffirmed the US as the ultimate world power in the world, a power which strives to defend liberty and champion democracy. History will also show that the effectiveness of the U.N. ranks up there with the League of Nations.

R.I.P. Kathleen Gingrich

My deepest sympathies go out to Newt Gingrich and his family as they deal with the loss of of Newt's mother, Kathleen. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Foxnews.com story

Hawkin Blog

Check out the Hawkin Blog. Great Stuff!!


G. W. Bush is my kind of man

Did anyone see the Brit Hume interview of George W. Bush last night? In case you didn't it was excellent. It was on the Fox Network at 8 PM.

The first half of the interview was a casual chit chat with Bush. During the first segment Bush talked about his walks on the South Lawn, his new exercise plan, and his use of the LBJ putting green.

The second segment of the interview moved inside the oval office where Bush discussed his admiration for President Lincoln, choice of the JFK desk for his use, as well as personal reflections on being President.

What I gathered from this interview is how much of a genuinely nice man the President is. He is a man. Just a man. As he put it to know that millions of people pray for him daily, is a very powerful thought, being that he is just a person just like everyone of us.

I can't see why people vilify him so. They call him Hitler, baby killer, and a gang leader among other things. All I see is a nice man, whose job it is to run the best country on Earth, and protect the lives of everyone in the great USA.

I guess we aren't fat enough

I am not going to throw any stones (glass house and all), but we Americans are getting fatter. We sit around and write blogs, and watch people being active on TV. We are getting too fat. Apparently not fat enough though.

To combat the problem of Americans eating less red meat, the American Cattleman's Association has come up with a tasty treat. Cheeseburger Fries. They are basically cheeseburgers, cut up into a french fry shape, breaded and deep fried. YUMM!!
The New York Times did a story on it.

Each "fry" packs 75 calories. To make matters worse for us fatties, they are marketing them to schools. Like our Ritalin poppin kids aren't fat enough. WTF??


I just wanted to give a big Congrats to my old college roommate, Chris, and his wife Deb. They just had a baby girl!! Congratulations!!


What's it with Lefties?

Why do liberals hate Conservatives? Why do they hate Bush so much? What is it with them?

I don't much care for sHrillary Clinton, but I can agree to disagree, and can even point out when she says something I agree with. I am not above agreeing with lefties.

But I think that level of discord is above the average leftie. Modern Howard Dean lovin' leftists are the modern day McGovern followers. They spit venom. Sheer mention of George Bush, John Ashcroft, or Ronald Reagan, and they just grit their teeth and shout things like drunken frat boy, Hitler, or cowboy. It just shows that their arguments are totally without logic, and are weak weak weak.

I remember when they had all those war protests, a bunch of hippy reincarnates had "puke ins". They would break into places of business and vomit to get their point across. WTF?? Could you imagine Charlton Heston at a second amendment rally vomiting on the steps of the Handgun Control Inc.?

Next time there are rallies, listen to the rhetoric. The right will be praising liberty, freedom, and the individual. The left will be tossing mud, and probably throwing up.

The Turnpike Again

Thanks to Classical Values Blog for
this mention of my blog on the suckiness of the PA turnpike.

Read my full post here

An effective Anti-Drug ad

Enough about these weird anti-drug ads on tv. Kids need truth. Check out this ad for what will scare kids into not doing drugs.
Don't Do Drugs

Animal Cruelty..Update

I am getting really fed up with jerks who are mean to animals. I am to the point that if I see someone hurt an animal, I will get medieval on them.

Here is an example of stupid people having 100 plus cats. Cats. Why does it always involve cats?

The small little pet store near our home has recently been deluged with unwanted animals left in boxes at their front door. In the past 2 weeks, people have left 10 kittens in boxes. Eight of the kittens were too young to be weaned from mommy cat. The last one arrived yesterday morning. She was very cute, and looks to be part Maine Coon. It took large amounts of tranquilizers for me to not bring the kitten home. As always the store owner is sporting and offers the cats for free to good homes. Just FYI, it's Malec's Pets in Fishertown, PA.

What kind of asshats are these who leave animals out to fend for themselves.?

First off, spay or neuter your pets. I know I sound like Bob Barker, but it's true. Simply getting them fixed will control the pet population.

Second, don't get little Susie or Johnny a bunny for Easter or a puppy or kitten for Christmas unless you are willing to be the one to care for the animal. Bunnies grow up to be big and furry, and kittens grow up to be cats who love to scratch furniture.

I think part of the problem is that the Bedford County Humane Society is now euthenizing animals. They have too many. Its all their fault though. They are so concerned with giving animals good homes almost everyone is exempt from pet adoption.

Both parents work and no one home during the day?
Not good.

Rent instead of own?
Not good.

You also need letters of reference, and sometimes a visit to your home. It is ridiculous!!

It is easier to purchase a gun, or get a concealed carry permit here than to adopt an animal. Add to that that they are only open 1:00-4:30. Unless you take vacation time from work, you can't get to the Humane Society to even adopt one. But if you did leave work early, they would probably hold that against you too.

The Truth about Michael Moore

I had the misfortune of seeing Michael Moore's docufiction Bowling for Columbine. How this won an Oscar is beyond me.

It was sort of entertaining, but I never saw the point of the video. First he shows how gun loving we Americans are, but then he shows that the Canadians are also gun loving, but have lower crime. He mentions that we have a poverty problem, but then shows how there is higher unemployment in Canada.

From what I see a lot of his arguments stem from the fact that he believes that Canada is a socialist utopia. He blasts the Welfare to Work program for "making these poor people work". God forbid that!! These high school dropouts get $8.50 an hour, plus they get transportation to and from work, and no longer live on my dime.

If you want a point by point argument showing the inaccuracies of Bowling for Columbine, read the blog, Bowling for Truth.



I highly recommend you watch the new HBO series,Carnivale. It is very dark, mysterious, and artsy. Very similar to Six Feet Under. Give it a look see. It's on Sundays at 9pm.

I'm so freakin' excited

Just this past week, something remarkable happened. A giant Cabelas Superstore just opened up about 90 minutes from my home. This massive 250,000 square foot store has everything from their extensive outdoors catalog. I am really looking forward to heading to visit this place. I also will leave all my credit cards at home, as if I don't, I will need a bankruptcy filing within a week of visiting this store.

A paper local to the area wrote an amusing first hand account of the soft opening. Give it a read.

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