I wanna be Wyatt Earp

I watched the great western movie Tombstone last night. Man I love that movie. Kurt Russel plays a great Wyatt Earp, and Val Kilmer gives perhaps his best acting performance as Doc Holiday. Sam Elliot of course is always awesome in his tough guy role. It is great on DVD, there are plenty of extras, and the sound and video is excellent quality. This is one movie you should own on DVD, especially if you like westerns.

The movie also brings back a lot of fond memories. While a sophomore at Penn State my roomate Kevin and I would watch this movie endlessly. He loved the end credits where they played this bombastic fanfare while showing the "4 morticians" walking to their fight at the O.K. Corral. It is especially a fond memory because my old college roomate died a few years ago. He was first person with whoem I was close to and of my own close to age to die. I don't feel bad, I just remember the good days.

Getting back to the movie, I love the way they dress. With their suit clothes, wide brimmed hats, long coats and Colt Peacemakers, they look sharp. If I ever get rich, I want to get a whole western outfit.

Something I want to try sometime is Single Action Shooting.
Single Action Shooting is also known as cowboy action shoots.
The point is to dress up like a cowboy while performing in shooting competitions.
I've never seen one in person, but they seem like fun.

Mark always tries to get me to go to his shoots


I say Tomatoe, you say Tomato

We have a whole lot of tomatoes that are now ripe. I only planted 6 plants, but as it is now we will be drowing in tomato sauce, salsa, bruschetta, and BLTs.

For some reason last night, neither Karen or I had much get-up-and-go. I came home from work and took a brief 15 minute cat nap with Nittany draped over my neck. I just had no gumption. I guess its the weather. Its been consistently rainly and drab for the past three days, and I think that has something to do with it.

I saw this funny show last night called the Joe Schmo Show. Its on Spike and is a parody of those rediculous reality shows like Joe Millionaire or "The Family". Joe thinks he is a contestant on a reality show called Riches to Rags with 9 other people, only he doesn't know that they are actors and the show is about him! Talk about original. I guess he was really pissed off when he found out about the scam cause he won't do any interviews. CNN had a good article on it.

We are going to have BLTs for supper tonight. We have to finish the tomatos. Heck, I might even have one for lunch.


Reasons to spend money

I am looking at getting a new computer. The computer I have now works fine, but it is old. Part of being an American is not being satisfied with anything you own, and I am no exception.

Actually I take that back, my old computer is broke. The modem got fried during a thunderstorm, and it really can't do much. All the nice pictures I take with my digital camera that I have on the hard drive are only for printing. I can' t even post them on this blog! I need to get a computer with a CD writer, and a working modem.

Right now it's between two computers. Both are Apple iMacs. They both generally look the same. They just have a little different engines under the hood.

The lower end one runs at 800 mhz, has 32 megs of video ram and a CDRW/DVD drive. The higher end one runs at 1ghz, has 64 megs of video ram and a DVDRW/CDRW

E-mail me and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear your stories.


A new ATV

My mother got a new Polaris ATV. I really don't like it. Its a Polaris Trailblazer 400. I really don't like 2 X 4 ATVs. This thing is so powerful that if you hit the gas hard it will roll over backwards on you. It is too squirly. I don't feel that comfortable riding it. Karen though loves it, and now she wants one. Though she had trouble riding it because she forgot to disengage the handbrake, and she got "stuck" in the field. She didn't know it was becasue she had the brake on. Sheesh.

I prefer a heavier, better handling 4 x 4 ATV. My idea of a good ATV is the Polaris Sportsman. These sportsman ATVs handle great!! They ride good, and go over uneven terrain like mini-HUMvs.

Well anyway.... Summer is over for all intents and purposes. Today is Labor Day. It is very rainy, cool, and quiet. A fitting end to a cool summer.

Last night we had a campfire, and hung out around our newly built picnic table. It was nice to be with your family, and it made me realize that I am lucky. I get along great with my family. I grew up believing that families always got along, and in mine, we do. I see other families that infight and secretly hate each other, and I count myself lucky to have the family that I do.

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