Summer is over!!

Well, its hard to believe that the Summer is almost over. It doesn't seem like it even started. It rained all June, July was so so, and August sucked. It never even got that hot!!

Penn State will kickoff tomorrow, and with any luck should beat Temple. Though some people predict PSU will go 10-2, I say more like 8-4 or 7-5. We will see tomorrow.

Our cat has been sick. I think she drank some water with poison in it, but she seems better now. She threw up a few times. I hope no long term damage is done.


A new hobby

Well, I getting into a new hobby. I've always lived in the country (except while in college) and I always enjoyed shooting my guns out in the backyard. You can only shoot soda cans so much. If you are interested in trap shooting check out the Trap Shooter's Association website. It is relatively cheap to begin your exploits.

With some fear, and my cheap 16 gauge stevens I traveled to the local range to try my hand at trap shooting. For those of you not knowing too much about sport shooting, trap shooting is where a launcher launches small clay disks called "pigeons" into the air and you shoot them out of the sky.

I was a little fearful because I never did anything like that, and the people I was shooting against had special trap guns that cost upwards of $2,000. My little stevens cost me $60.

Well, I did alright, not the best, but alright.

That was about 6 months ago. Now I am getting into the game a little. I bought my own launcher and a special padded vest to save my delicate shoulder from the recoil of shooting off 100 plus rounds a game.

This weekend when I travel up to my dad's house up in northeastern Pennsylvania, I will take my gear and try it all out.

Wish me luck!!

I know html..yaaay

Thank God I know HTML. They say this you don't need to know HTML, but with anything it always is good to know the background. You don't need to know how to fix a car to drive it, but when something doesn't work right, it always helps to know how to fix it.

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